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Foundational One-Day Virtual Workshops for All Educators

join us in August 2022 for our two foundational one-day virtual workshops to kick off the start of the new school year. These workshops are intended for all language educators, 无论你是职前教师还是初级教师, 一位经验丰富的老师正在寻找一个补习者, or you are simply new to proficiency-based language teaching. We are offering two options for each workshop to best fit your busy back-to-school schedule. Each workshop is a full day on Zoom of collaboration and learning with your colleagues and actfl facilitator and includes access to resources through our new ACTFlearn中央 LMS, as well as a workshop completion certificate for 8 hours of professional development.
If you have other language educators at your school, we encourage you to share this opportunity with your colleagues to have the opportunity to learn together, 调整你的教学实践, and apply your learning collaboratively for greater cohesion within your language program. 考虑注册这两个研讨会, which are interrelated and build upon one another for stronger development of your practices that help learners move along the proficiency continuum. 不要错过这个获得新想法的好机会, strategies, and foundational understanding for implementing a proficiency-based approach in your new classes for SY 22-23!



《: 8月13日星期六或8月17日星期三
推荐者: Paul Sandrock, actfl Senior Advisor for Language learning Initiatives

What really counts to move along the proficiency continuum (from Novice, 到中级, 并迈向高级熟练程度)? What strategies are effective for developing proficiency using each Mode of Communication? Through the lens of the NCSSFL-actfl 乐观进取的语句, unpack the elements of proficiency and what they mean for planning effective tasks.  Experience and analyze a variety of examples from one sample unit of instruction. Identify one class that you are teaching and use that as a lens through which to apply your learning. Guide your learners to develop the language functions and confidence to move to higher levels of proficiency. 


Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • describe the characteristics of Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of proficiency
  • identify key language functions to focus on to guide learners to higher levels of proficiency 
  • design and/or adapt tasks to match Novice, Intermediate, or Advanced ranges of proficiency
  • design tasks to develop what learners need to reach their next higher level of proficiency
  • identify implications of proficiency for my instruction and assessment for language learning

developing & 365体育亚洲版三种沟通方式

《: 8月20日星期六或8月24日星期三
actfl主持人: 丽贝卡·奥布里 & Tonja Byrom补充道:

Begin by developing a shared understanding of what language proficiency is across levels and how to support learners’ progress towards proficiency goals. Develop a toolbox of strategies to design purposeful units and performance tasks in the three modes of communication (Interpretive, 人际关系, and Presentational) and identify day-to-day learning activities that support language goals. Apply the principles of backward design and the use of authentic resources to effectively plan meaningful learning experiences in the target language. Explore the assessment of language skills in each mode of communication as well as strategies for involving learners in self-assessment for ongoing proficiency growth.


Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • list key differences between performance and proficiency as they relate to language use and assessment.
  • give examples of what students can do with language in authentic contexts across proficiency levels and modes of communication.
  • identify and apply the principles of backward design.
  • 解释什么是真正的资源(什么不是).
  • establish a classroom climate that supports target language use by all students and teachers.
  • use models to develop activities and strategies that lead with culture to develop and assess language proficiency in each mode of communication. 
  • locate and effectively use 乐观进取的语句 to set learning targets and assess target language use in each mode of communication.
  • use rubrics to provide all students with feedback and opportunities to self-assess for ongoing proficiency growth.


Cost per workshop: $199 for members, $249 for non-members

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报名有限,将于周三开放, july 13, 2022年,周五关闭, august 12, 2022.


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